Other People’s Sin

Yes! The title is as judgemental as it sounds.

Today I heard something that angered me to my core. Someone did or is doing something that hurt someone I love. Sad thing is I love the person too but I really hate what they did or do.

Infact I was furious, I had pretty much cancelled the person out of my life after recounting how many times they had repeated this act and I was done!

In the midst of my anger I said “if _ likes, _  shouldn’t change _ will face _ judgement.”

And that’s where the Holy Spirit cut me. How merciful we want God to be when we are the ones in the wrong but are quick to call for judgement when we are in the hurt. And I mean real hurt.

This really humbled me..

Let me ask you.. How do you deal with OTHER PEOPLE’S SIN?

I have hurt others before, I have sinned against God and I definitely would rather mercy in those situations than judgement.

Psalm 130:3 says “If you Lord, count a record of sin, who can stand.”

I definitely couldn’t stand. It also made me think of the woman caught in the adultery. When Jesus said, “he without sin cast the first stone.”

You see when aware of another’s short coming it’s human to act self righteous, it divine to be merciful.

How would God want us to handle this…

Galatians 6:1 says “Brothers and sisters, if someone is caught in a sin, you who live by the Spirit should restore that person gently. But watch yourselves, or you also may be tempted.”

Our job is not to throw stones, our ministry is the ministry of reconciliation, restoring people back to God and back to their true identities in love.

I think this is one of the areas we’ve missed it and lost many souls. Jesus never condoned the sin of the woman caught in adultery but He did not condemn either. He told her go and sin no more and love won her back to the relationship with God.

Am I saying we are not to bring correction.. No! Correction is part of restoration but it’s in the way we do it. Let love govern all that we do! That’s how they know we are Jesus’s disciples.. You know Christ-like. It’s not when we speak theological mysteries and castigate another who is not yet up to our spiritual eloquence.. It’s when we love!

Besides, we all have load, if we won’t help each other, let’s not add to it.



3 thoughts on “Other People’s Sin

  1. Angie says:

    Praise God for this. I enjoyed reading this. We serve an Awesome God who forgives all our sins. I think it takes spiritual maturity to move forward in forgiveness. Even forgiving our own self for past sins committed against others. It isn’t easy but it’s very possible. Great blog!


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