Soul Detox 2017/18: Reflections and Revelations

We embarked on a 40 day Soul Detox Fast (December 27th 2017 – 4th February 2018), which was for individuals who truly wanted to have a new year. We are all familiar with the phrase, “New Year, New Me” but most of us enter the new year unrenewed. We know that you can’t put new wine into old skin.  An unrenewed mind will always do the same thing, and doing the same thing will lead to the same result. So we did something different to bring about change in certain areas in 2018.

We fasted, we watched and listened to sermons from great men and women of God and we prayed on key topics to do with our soul for 40 consecutive days! It is therefore no surprise that ungodly & unhealthy cycles were broken and soul wounds were healed. Our souls were truly detoxified.

Below are some reflective accounts from our Freewomen who joined us on the soul detox. They give us an overview on how they found it and what they learnt about themselves.

“A reset button has been pressed. I am now on a great journey in being able to love, trust and live again”. – tOYIN

This fasting has been intense, not due to the lack of food but because of the past hurts I had to tackle during my prayer sessions weekly.

The holy spirit revealed to me the origin of why I kept on finding myself in a repetitive situation. A traumatic abuse that has been blocked out psychologically when i was a child was replayed whilst praying and I had to face my demons.
Also this intense fast included blocking out secular entertainment (a major distraction by the way! Definitely continuing the reduction of my previous guilty pleasure reality TV shows after the fast) I was able to see and understand God’s plans for me. I was able to hear him loud and clear, he has sent me divine helpers and he has restored my sense of purpose.
Before this fast I was depressed, I contemplated my existence as I am a deep introvert I can sometimes become lost inside my brain with my intimate thoughts only keeping me company. But he found me, he literally ‘restoreth my soul’.

“SOUL DETOX WAS A REFINING PROCESS. it revealed things about myself that i didn’t want to see”. – OLIVIA

The soul detox, without fail is always a challenging period for me, physically, emotionally and spiritually, but I can definitely see the rewards and benefits of it as I proceed through the rest of the year. I found this detox to be hard at the start. I entered 2018 with so much fear and anxiety and wasn’t really looking forward to the year. I also knew God was putting me through a refining process which I am still ongoing even after the detox. It revealed a lot of things about myself that I didn’t want to see or had no clue about in particular emotions which I tend to underestimate the effects it has on. I also was going through a lot of changes at the time too in my own personal life and I hate change A LOT, I like to be comfortable and within familiar grounds but I knew that growth would not come if I stayed in the same place and knew it was all required for my development and growth.

By the end of the detox I was at a point where I was tired of resisting the will of God over my life (as if I had a better plan for myself LOL)  and the changes that were occurring and accepting and embracing his will. Trusting that everything will work out for my good.

Now after all of that I’m looking forward to what the Lord has in store for me this year.

“I’m more sensitive in my spirit and God has given me creative ideas, dealt with me on issues of fear and even opened doors in places I may have not sought myself”.  – Dami

Soul Detox 2017 – 2018 was very different from any other fast that I have participated in. There is something about being intentional and hungry for God. I started the fast by reading a book by Jentezen Franklin titled ‘Fasting’ and this gave me a better understanding about the purpose and benefits of fasting. Anything not understood is inevitably abused so reading this book help set my focus.

During the fast itself, I found myself loving more and more on the word and getting deeper revelations of the word. My Soul Detox journal definitely inspired me to document my day and write down words that I received and also just my general study of the scriptures. I purchased a study bible this year and again that allowed me to go deeper than I had before. The resources on the fast were also all a great addition to that which God was doing.

Practical tip: Get yourself a study bible.

The fast also made me really transparent with God. Now … I am really not an emotional person. I’ve never really been one to open up about my state or disposition but goshhh during this fast I became really transparent with God. In the early part of the fasting season I was dealing with a varied range of emotions but God really taught me how to respond in situations, how to not allow them to define my day or even my status or display picture (covers face) but to keep my eyes on him and my joy full. Woah yeah my emotions that was a big one. Through my openness with God I’ve seen relationships restored that I really thought would no longer have a purpose and my attitude change. I have had to make a few tough decisions and keep a Christ like attitude even when I didn’t want to. Participating in a fast that deals with your emotions , your will and your mind can only bring out the worst in you and leave you at your best.

Finally, the fast may have ended but my desire for more of God has not. I believe I’m growing in prayer my time with God and His word and really understanding that what I experienced during the fast is LIFE. 40 days is a great time of consecration and separation but this should and can be a lifestyle.  The benefits of soul detox are definitely beyond 40 days… so much can happen when you fix your eyes on Jesus.

Matthew 6 :33 – But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you.

If you missed out on soul detox, not to worry! We still have the teachings and sermons that were covered during the fast which you can find here. Be sure to leave a comment and subscribe to our Youtube channel so that you are kept updated!


Ele x

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