An Appreciation To All Mothers

They birthed us, bore our pain, shared our joy and nurtured us. They are agents of God. Apart from Him they are the first ones to love us. Many times, in scripture, God uses their love to describe the way He cares for us. They are an integral part of the creation process. Before we are in the womb God knows us but the womb is where we are formed and knitted (Psalm 139:13). God carefully and intentionally chose the wombs in which we were knitted. Both physically and spiritually.

For almost a year they carried us. While we grew kicking and turning, they carried us. Some of them were beaten by lovers they trusted but they carried us. Some were kicked out into the streets yet they carried us. Some were unprepared, they only did it once and were left with what many called a consequence. Some started with their partners but lost them along the way. But still they carried us.

After birthing us out in pain they held us through the night till we were calm enough and drifted off in sleep. They are there to wipe our tears and comfort us. When we were old enough to drift off by ourselves, they would get up before dawn and make us clap our hands and sing praises to God while we were half asleep. They would toss us in a bath, pull our clothes on and get us to school. They would go to work and rush back to cook. When we are back home we are fed and lulled to sleep and the next day they start again. Body aching and sleep deprived they never miss a beat. And when it is time to leave home they shed tears we see and some we never see. They think of us often never missing a day. Praying for us and speaking the word of God over our lives. Fighting with terror and might in the Holy Ghost tearing to pieces any one that dares to harm us. They never faint or get weary. Our joy is their joy. We are their pride. We are their everything. They amaze us with their strength, their dedication and their love. They would lay down their lives for us. They are wives, widows, single mothers. Our mothers. Our own personal SUPERWOMEN.

And then there are some superwomen, though they did not physically birth us, they labour in pain for us. God’s gift to us as we are reformed and reknitted. Born again. They do His will and their delight is in the way of the Lord. They make our well-being their concern. Just when we think we can’t go on, God uses them to encourage us. Like Naomi they say to us “shall I not seek a rest of home for you that you may prosper?” (Ruth 3: 1) Wanting nothing they are interested in us because they love. They share their wisdom and impart fruitful vision. They are Lois, they are Eunice (2 Peter 1:5). They stand having done all to stand. They are faithful. They are Elizabeth (Luke 1: 6-7). Like mountains they cannot be moved and with feet like deer they do not easily slip. They are tender like a lamb but as ruthless as a lion if pushed. Have you see these lovers? Have you seen these warriors? Surely you have. Look around you. They are the women who give you a warm smile when you enter the sanctuary. The one you can call at any time when you are not feeling too good. The one who will sit and listen no matter how busy they are. The one who is thinking of you. They instruct, they teach, protect and love. Brethren behold, our Spiritual Mothers. We must be to them as sons and daughters.

To all the mothers both biological and spiritual, whose faith and love in has moulded us into the men and women we are today; to the Marys, the Elizabeths, the Rachels, the Lois and Eunices, to our best friends, you deserve to be celebrated not just today but every day. We appreciate and love you.
“Never could it be possible for a man to estimate what he owes to a godly mother” – Charles Spurgeon

Happy Mother’s Day…

Written by Uchenna xox

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