Doing The Hard Things

2nd Kings Chapter 2 – Elisha knew that Elijah was going to be taken by God very soon. Elijah tells Elisha to stay where he is and not follow him because God has sent him to Bethel but Elisha said as the Lord lives and as your soul lives I will not leave you. Then Elijah says stay here don’t follow me God has sent me to Jericho, but still Elisha would not listen. Even the sons of the prophets told Elisha to leave Elijah but he still would not. And it goes on like that for a couple pf more verses. Even though he knew Elijah was going to be taken away soon, Elisha waited with him till the very end.

Elisha displayed wisdom in seeing things through right till the very end. That’s why Elijah said if you see me being taken then you will receive double portion. If you don’t see me, you won’t receive it. Which means if you are with me till the very end and don’t leave me then you will receive what you ask for. If you can go with me wherever still and endure with me by my side till the end then you WILL receive. Even when others sons of prophets kept telling Elisha to leave, he said no. It seemed so small but it’s very trivial. Those last moments Elisha spent with Elijah was the difference between him having a double portion of Elijah’s spirit and having a single portion, or half.

Elijah also said to Elisha that thing you have asked for is a hard thing. Going with Elijah till the very end and enduring with him till he was taken is proof that you are ready for this hard thing and you can handle this hard thing.

Sticking with God till the very end and seeing things through with Him even when others or even you might not think it necessary is the difference in how much we receive from Him. The final hours are the most important hours. It’s not how you start, it’s really how you finish. Elisha finished well with Elijah. When you get a witness in your spirit and your word from God, go ALL the way.  – Written by Uchenna Stephanie Akurunwa


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