What Does Worship Mean To You?

Worship is an access to God where I’ll be able to express how much I am fond of Him.

Worship gives me a sneak peek of the heavenly realms – angels who worship continuously.

Worship connects me with the Holy Spirit who lives within my temple. Whenever i utter words sung from lyrical gospel genius artists, time stops, everyone around me evaporates and I am left with an utter most peace that cannot be compared to that of meditation, yoga or even a restful holiday by the beach.

“And a peace of God that transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus” Philippians 4:7 

Moreover, it keeps me at centre with Christ. Reminds me of God’s grace in my life which definitely keeps me falling in love with Christ over and over again.

Worship is not a religion. Worship is a lifestyle.

A lifestyle that our forefathers in the bible partook in particularly the man after God’s heart – David.

One of the greatest warriors in history who defeated countless of enemies showed his vulnerability through the powerful medium of music – the harp (1 Samuel 16:23)

In the book of Psalms we are also able to see his profound poetic words that brought David therapeutic comfort – hope in his darkest days.

To conclude, worship is a personalised language between you and God. Yet it is universal in its meaning because it enhances your relationship with Christ.

I have given a snippet of what Worship means to me and a few examples of how David utilised worship.

What does worship mean to you? Please write in the comments sections below 🙂

Written by Toyin (Free Woman)

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