What I’ve learnt since being married (Part 2)

Married, Now What?

Marriage has taught me about really putting someone else before yourself.

Marriage has taught me the importance of communication in your relationships. Not just within the relationship with your spouse but also those with others who are dear to you.

Marriage has humbled me, it has challenged me to swallow my pride and admit when I have been wrong.

Marriage has helped me understand how I express love and how I like others to express their love to me.

Marriage has taught me that success and longevity in marriage is not achieved through physical attributes or material things, these things are not forever. Successful marriage is based upon shared values, beliefs, mutual respect and true friendship.

Marriage has taught me that the partnership of husband and wife is truly sacred and a privilege. And no matter how many years together, marriage is something that requires continued time and attention, dedication and nurturing to ensure success.

‘Therefore what God has put together, let no one separate’. (Mark 10:9)

Written by Emma (Freewoman)

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