Soul Detox 2018/19 – New Year, A Renewed You

You’ve guessed it right! Soul detox is back. The last Soul Detox was truly amazing. Check out our post on what some people who joined us on the 40 day fast had to say and testimonies they’ve experienced.

We would love for you all to join us this year! The fast will not only be about abstaining from food and drinks from a set period of time, but we will also be staying away from all types of secular entertainment too!

Make sure you join our Facebook group and/or instagram (details below) as we will be sharing different teachings from powerful women and men of God, how to make the most out of your fast and tips on how to go deeper into the word of God and draw closer to Him. You can also subscribe to our YouTube channel to be notified of teachings being released.

As we want you to receive the full soul detox experience, we created a journal for you to use throughout the fast. It has a list of weekly teachings and guidelines and will give you a spiritual boost of wisdom, scriptures and prayer points that will help you explore each week. If you are interested in receiving a journal please email us at

You will never be the same as you participate in the soul detox experience. Amen!

We are excited!! #SoulDetox

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