Overcoming Procrastination

Is there anything in your life that you know God has given you?

A vision?

A dream?

Are there any hindrances that has prevented you from reaching this?

One of these hindrances may be procrastination,  which is delaying an action or postponing something due to several reasons. In Moses’s case (Exodus 4:10-14) he was aware of his weakness thus he gave excuses, but God gave him the grace to take upon the challenge of rescuing the Israelites. He even sent a helper Aaron to support Moses further through his change.

For us to act we must change our attitude. We must remove procrastination.

ACTS 4: 1- 14 – Peter & John were ordinary men yet through the power of the Holy Spirit they were used. We need to avoid procrastination with whatever God has laid in our hearts and hands to do! This also comes with the gifts of the spirit. Not everyone will be automatically trained to do so … yet He has given us the power through the Holy Spirit.

Here is a list of prayer points to aid you into the path of pursuing your vision and overcoming procrastination:

Being obedient: (John 14: 15) Pray for your hearts to be open and obedient to him. Praying that you will not put on hold the things God has placed in your heart to do.

Conquering Fear: (2 Timothy 1:7)  Pray against fear, insecurities, lack of discipline and pessimism for it not to be your reason that you don’t reach your full potential.

Boldness: (Acts 28:31) Pray for boldness in carrying out the work of God (whatever God has laid on our hearts to do some of these dreams you’ve been sleeping on them for to long … it’s time to wake them up!)

Peace:  (1 Peter 5:7; Philippians 4:7; John 14:27; Genesis 28:13-15) Peace is essential pray for this in your personal circumstance although the storm will come you will not be shaken. Pray for having the peace of mind of taking action more than the comforts of procrastination.

Shine your light:  (Matthew 5:16)  Let us pray that we stand out in everything we do and to represent God in our work place, schools and within our family and friends.

Remember when God steps in, the thing we think is impossible we will do with ease…Choose today to overcome procrastination and become proactive in pursuing our vision!

– Written by Toyin 

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